OMV: Oil discovery in Libya

By | 21 Ekim 2013

OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company, and its partners have discovered
oil in Libya. The successful exploration has been made in the Murzuq Basin, 800 km south
of the capital Tripoli.

Jaap Huijskes, OMV Executive Board Member responsible for Exploration and Production: “This
discovery in Libya confirms the potential of the country for OMV’s upstream activities.”

Repsol, the operator of exploration block NC115, and partners OMV and Total will proceed with
further drilling in the area. The drilling campaign started in May 2013 and is expected to last until
the end of 2015. The new discovery is the first oil found in Libya by OMV and its partners since
the revolution in 2011.

OMV has been present in Libya since 1975 and started production in 1985. In 2012 OMV
produced 29,500 boe/d in Libya.

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