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Conergy in Turkish Market With Norm


Noting that Turkey, as a country rich for its natural resources, receives attention of the leading foreign sector professionals, İbrahim Erkan YENEN, the Acting Manager of Norm Enerji Sistemleri Ltd., says; "We believe that the decision of Conergy, a world brand, to improve and expand its activities in Turkey is a very important and meaningful action for our country".

Operating in the area of renewable clean and environment-friendly energy systems and practices in addition to the power systems, Norm Enerji constantly follows up the technological developments and renews its portfolio. With its latest agreement, the company undertook the Turkey Office of Conergy, which is the leader solar energy company of Europe. We talked to İbrahim Erkan Yenen about Conergy.

What does the product range of Conergy involve and which systems do they offer to the market?

Conergy has a very wide product range and is able to address all the application areas in the sector. One of the fundamental features of the company is that it offers sectoral equipment in a complete package. We may list the applications and requirements under two headings;

a) Off-grid Systems

They are designed for territories where there are no grids and where electricity is difficult and/or costly to transmit. Conergy Off-grid system offers reliable, cost-effective and ecological solutions. It provides protection from the increasing energy and fuel costs and allows you to be independent from the unreliable public grids. We have different kits prepared for various applications and powers. There are solutions for which pre-engineering studies have been completed for all standard requirements. In addition, thanks to our wide product range, it is possible to install off-grid systems that are specific to every individual need. The products offer a perfect solution both for the smallest individual use and for the most extensive professional applications. As a principle, the system is used with a backup energy storage/battery. Thus, it is possible to supply uninterrupted energy at nights, in winter and even in closed areas. The system can be used in a wide range of utilization areas.

b) Grid-connected Systems

The grid-connected photovoltaic system is a rapidly developing application in Europe. In addition to its high-performance modules, inverters, mounting systems and monitoring systems, the photovoltaic product range of the system includes high-quality accessories. These systems which are basically established without installing a backup energy storage/battery are not yet widely used in Turkey, however it will be used to a larger extent as the necessary environmental conditions are set. The system can be used anywhere where there is grid energy.


As seen, Coenergy can provide the consumer with a whole package of alternative & renewable energy as well as technological solutions and design. Incorporation of the complete solutions of Conergy into our reliable and solution-based structure has created a synergy. This new structuring has received demand and attention in the domestic market in a short period of time.

You are running the Turkey Office of this international renewable energy company. Would you please tell us about your activities?

In addition to being Europe’s number one solar energy company, Conergy is also an international leader supplier in the rapidly developing renewable energy area. Conergy adopts a customer-focused global growth strategy based on providing optimal technologies for the developing renewable energy markets.
The electricity demands in the international markets vary to a large extent and therefore Conergy offers a wide product range with its internationally focused management staff. District offices have been established in North and South America, Europe, Mediterranean, Asia and Australia for the purpose of practicing the expansion plans based on the region-specific requirements of reproducible energy and for identification of the potential customers of the Conergy products and services.
As a country fortunate for its natural resources, Turkey receives interest of the leading foreign sector professionals. We believe that the decision of Conergy, a world brand, to improve and expand its activities in Turkey is a very important and meaningful action for our country.

What is the place and position of Conergy in the Turkish market? What are Norm Enerji’s plans in this context?

Conergy is an international leader in the renewable energy area and displays activities in 5 continents. The company also produces the systems and components required for generation of electricity using solar and wind energy. Having its headquarters located in Germany, Conergy offers a wide range of renewable energy equipment to Turkey as well. Based on its "think globally, act locally" philosophy applied throughout the world, we develop designs which are specific to infrastructures, requirements and applications. Our local experience made a significant contribution in this sense. We develop technical and commercial alternatives which are suitable for local conditions. Our fundamental priority is to introduce the rich sectoral product range and to raise awareness about the applications. We have focused on applicable, accessible and functional applications in order to expand the project. We have also been supporting the existing and new social responsibility projects along with our promotion and presentation activities. Establishment of the necessary psychological infrastructure will be followed by the administrative restructuring and organization. We believe that there is an unjust preconception and resistance against the sector for various reasons. 


What activities do you conduct for the other sectoral equipment and battery chargers?

Conergy has sufficient and ideal solutions for renewable energy. As I mentioned before, the company is the only world brand in its field.
We also have professional solutions for mounting systems. From the very first day, Conergy has dedicated itself to first-class craftsmanship and engineering. The company has gained a very extensive experience in improvement and production of mounting systems. Thanks to this experience, the company has become the most competent business partner for the wholesalers/distributors and installers. Short delivery times and simple handling and fast mounting is very important to us. Our product range extends from pre-manufactured and partly pre-mounted frames to customized solutions developed in close cooperation with our business partners. Our assembly systems meet the highest expectations due to their technology, esthetic look and high quality. Our systems are made of aluminum and special steel which guarantees high durability and complete recyclability.
As NORM ENERJİ, we have a long-established experience and product variety in backup energy/batteries. We have import and export activities for battery chargers. We prefer HAZE brand for standard AGM and GEL type products, HBL brand for professional VRLA / TUBULAR / GEL products and MUTLU brand for OPZS / TUBULAR products.

What are the practices being implemented for renewable energy in our country? How do you see the developments in this area?

            The increasing petroleum and fuel prices and the rapidly growing environmental awareness has once more shown us the necessity to take fast action in the renewable energy area. We can say that there is sufficient interest in the sector both on the part of the official authorities and the users. There is no one opposing to the renewable, environment-friendly, uninterrupted, reliable, standalone and even free energy. However, the necessary practices are not developing parallel to this positive interest.          

            We believe that we should first identify the facts correctly before solving the problem. Therefore, we believe that reasons based on such rationale as "the high cost of the initial investments/equipment" do not appear to be reasonable. Because the equipment costs are obviously equivalent to those in the entire world and may be even lower than the costs in Europe.

On the other hand, we may agree that we have a lower purchasing power. However, we also have natural advantages that could make up for this obstacle. In other words, we have 2-3 fold higher solar energy than that in the European countries. This means we can supply the same amount of energy with lower initial investment/equipment cost.

Then, there remains only one difference; the solar energy systems should be accredited in our country and the surplus of the generated energy should be granted guarantee of purchase. As announced by the official authorities, a one unit investment made on the consumption part provides 3 units of investment saving on the production and transmission part of the government, which means encouraging these activities even only on administrative basis will bring in faster contributions and material return.

Is there anything else you would like to add?       

Despite all these difficulties, we place great emphasis on the SOLAR ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES FAIR, the first of which was held last year. Such expertise organizations contribute significantly to the sector. The last fair gave us the opportunity to reach a large audience in the domestic market. The end users were introduced and informed of the equipments involving new and technological components. We also used this opportunity to make presentations and provide detailed information to the professional executors and corporate professionals of the sector. In addition to the contributions to the local market, the fair also had positive impact on international basis. We have seen that there were foreign companies as well as foreign investors and visitors participating in the event. Due to its logistic and strategic importance and advantages, our country has a very high potential to become a sectoral center. Lastly, we thank to everyone who contributed to the sector.


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